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Book Blurbs

Book 1: A Slight Case of Death

 Nothing is at it seems…


Vampires don't exist, do they? That's a question Private Detective Tony Mandolin finds himself pondering as the evidence piles up pointing to just that in a case involving a string of dead redheads and the usual dose of weirdness San Francisco has to offer. To complicate things, Mandolin doesn't appreciate the perception of those around him that he's become the latest golden boy of Fog City's crime boss. None of that gets into his cross-dressing friend Frankie... Ahh, just another day in San Francisco.


Book 2: One Last Quiche


Who's poisoning San Francisco's foodies? Tony Mandolin, Fog City's only private eye with a view into the supernatural, has been retained to find out why gourmands are turning up dead all around the city. Unfortunately, this brings him to the attention of Medb, the Queen of the Unseelie Court. Tony's only hope of survival against the powerful fairy lies in the hands of an alcoholic wizard whose only mood-setting is cranky.

So what happens if you happen to become the target of a witch working for the evil queen of the Sidhe? Well, if you’re Tony Mandolin, a slightly worn out private eye living and working in San Francisco, you try to find out why and then you proceed to kick some fairy butt. Of course, if you also happen to be said private eye, you get your butt kicked in the process.



Book 3: What the Puck?


 San Francisco's only gumshoe with an eye into the supernatural, Tony Mandolin, is having one of those months. His bad mood drives him to a local pub where he encounters his latest client, a Leprechaun who's lost his adopted niece who's a runaway Dryad. Tony's problems are only just beginning. Some days it pours and when Landau Bain, the city's crankiest wizard, arrives on Tony's doorstep, the super sleuth knows what's comin' down ain't rain.



Book 4: Hair of the Dog


 All families come with their own unique problems, but when that family is a clan of Eastern European vampires led by an extremely wealthy viscount living it up in a luxurious, imported castle, only Tony Mandolin can solve the problem. San Francisco's only flatfoot with an eye into the weird runs into trouble with a pregnant werewolf. Tony swears he never laid a hand on her. Now someone's burning the city's more corrupt citizens alive from the inside out. Needless to say, the city fathers are not pleased. Compared to that, Tony figures taking on a gig involving a vampire viscount's gotta be a piece of cake. But, when a wealthy guest of the Viscount goes poof in the middle of a costume ball, Tony's dealing with a different kind of fire he's not sure he can put out.


Book 5: Lucky Stiff


 Someone is messing around with Luck. In a city with some of the largest underground gambling mobs in the world, Tony Mandolin, San Francisco's supernatural shamus, finds himself neck-deep in Cartels, Triads, and Russians, oh my! Soon our world-weary, cynical PI winds up in a card game where the loser has to give up a whole lot more than just his chips.


Book 6: The Clone in the Closet


Does a clone share a soul? That's a question Tony Mandolin, San Francisco's slewfoot of the supernatural, has to figure out when he's suddenly confronted with reports that his cross-dressing partner Frankie's been committing violent crimes all over the city. Who the hell's making "Frankie" copies? Tony wants to know. Taking a literal trip to Hell may be the only way for a slightly worn sleuth to figure this case out.


Book 7: Stake and Eggs


 Some day's it just don't pay to crawl outta bed. That's San Francisco supernatural shoofly Tony Mandolin's feeling when he has to deal with the original Count Dracula…and a massive hangover…at the same time. What does a rumpled private investigator do when the original Badass Bloodsucker wants to reunite with his estranged, "teetotalling" vampire family and figures Tony's just the guy to solve all his problems?



Book 8: You Get Dandruff

 Old Saint Nick, he’s the fat guy who brings good little girls and boys presents at Christmas, right? So why then is he having his elves beat the snot out of San Francisco’s only PI with an eye into the weird? And why are all the heads of the Bay Area’s Organized Crime Families asking Police Captain Monahan to have Tony deal with an interloper who is taking their empires down one by one?

Someone or something is messing around with the spirit of Christmas, and Tony Mandolin has been chosen to solve the problem. Ho, ho, frickin’ ho.



Book 9: Something Grimm


Tony Mandolin, San Francisco’s PI to the weird, gets dragged into a fairy tale, literally. He finds out that much of the Grimm dimension has been a-hem, sanitized for the masses. Snow White is more like yellow snow and the dwarves can’t stop smiling. Red Riding Hood is a PI, and guess who her assistant is? Then there is this one-word question nobody wants asked, but when Monahan, Frankie, Greystoke and Alcina, Tony’s ex-girlfriend get dropped into the party things go beyond weird and a big stinking pile of cliché hits the fan.



Book 10: Get Stuffed


Over the past several years, Tony Mandolin has had dealings with the Devil, old slew foot himself. During those times the guy with the red skin and horns has wound up on the losing end, but in their last encounter the Devil lost one of his lieutenants, permanently but now he is pissed.

Tony had been dropped into the world by someone Lucifer would prefer you not mention, and while there, San Francisco’s only PI of the weird managed to thoroughly mess up a scheme that had been millennia in the making, so now, even if it gets him a shortcut to the pit of fire, the Devil wants his pound of flesh, plus about another 200. And then there’s this giant walking, talking Teddy Bear…

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