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The first five Tony Mandolin Mysteries were optioned by a production company to turn them into what amounts to a radio play, a sort of "movie in your mind". The first book A Slight Case of Death is already out, and available as a download or an audio CD. I bought a download and let me tell you, it was worth every penny. The story with each part a different voice, the sound effects and the old time PI narration is beyond good. I had no idea I was that great of a writer! Clicking on the title "Graphic Audio" takes you to their site.


The second book, One Last Quiche, which introduces Landau Bain, the alcoholic wizard plus a whole lot of other supporting cast members, is even better than the first, and just a day ago I downloaded book 3, What The Puck? and I am blown away. It is like listening to one of the old noir radio dramas redone here in the 21st century.


Again, click on "Graphic Audio" to look, shop and buy, buy, buy.

Audio Books

Chris Herron does an incredible job bringing the characters in Hole Lot of Shakin' to life. Check it out. Click the Tall Tale TV image to listen.

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