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A Tony Mandolin Mystery 1 -

      A Slight Case of Death

A Tony Mandolin Mystery 1, A Slight Case of Death has made it into the 2018 ABR Awards as a finalist in the multi-voice drama category. To say I am flabbergasted would be the proper term, but in listening to the incredible talents of Bradley Smith as Tony Mandolin, Elliot Dash as Frankie, Patrick Bussink as Monahan, Matthew Keenan as Willit and Richard Rohan as Simon, it becomes rather easy to see why the nomination.


Voting is the key to winning here. This is a "listeners award", so it has been set up to where each voter can vote again, one each and every day until the contest ends, May 31, 2018. Here is the link to where you can cast your vote for Tony-

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